Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall 2010

Maybe if I go by season updates that'll make this more consistent?!
Where does the time go, right?!?
Well, I could update pictures or say how everything has been so busy - but that is old news. Nothing new with that. Let's try a list this time to mix things up.

As of 9/13/10 here's where the "Lemke 7" are at...
Tim worked his first day of mandatory overtime. He was exhausted an would have been passed out by 9pm if it wasn't for that Cabela's Waterfowl magazine that made it into his hands.

Amy went to Rosemount this afternoon with the 9th grade volleyball team. We lost but we did SO many things right - improvement is a GREAT thing.

Olivia had her first Trojan volleyball match ever. Her exact words were "I can't believe I am saying it but I want to play another game." They lost 3/4 games to Waconia (whose program is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD) but the coach (who was my coach also back in the day) said in all his years they had never beat them even in 1 game. They made history today winning 1 of the 4 games.

Gloria is so much enjoying 4th grade in Mr. Huber's class. I am pretty sure she goes to school simply to ride the bus. Funny thing too - 1 week down and all of a sudden there was homework in the backpack at 9pm tonight. She swears she forgot about it. This could be a long year!

Owen is at home for 2nd grade. (YEAH!) Today on the gorgeous day our highlight was doing hopscotch math. The time I get to spend with my son is more precious then I ever thought it would be!

Sylvia is in preschool and loves it also. She would have no problem in Kindergarten but her independence it getting the best of her around home (with Owen's help of course). There's a little more discipline in her days since she is out to see what is ok & not ok to do around the house. Freedom comes with a price, right?!?!

And Daren - oh boy... and I mean B-O-Y!!! Toddler days seem to be counting down. I can have a whole conversation with my 1 5/6 year old. I am completely convinced of the "the more you have the faster they learn and grow" rule. Potty on the toilet now & then, tearing up the house, and chasing the goat are just some of the favorite things of this little boy that we have. And yes the perfect shiny bleach-blonde hair he grew over the summer was buzzed off by dad when mom was at work last Saturday.

Well there you go. Now mom is going to try to get some sleep before it's another crazy day for the "Zoo Crew" of Union Hill.
Hoping you are having a great week too!
OH YA.... DOZINKY IS THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
COME CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Brittany and Brian said...

Can you get a video of Darren chasing the goat! Hahahaha!