Tuesday, October 19, 2010

May then September - what happend to summer?!

Here is the post from October that I thought I lost. Its often (every day) that things seem to disappear but they are around somewhere. Of course I am organized! :)

August 2010
Life is good - even this day in age. I was reading through all my posts for the last year. Had to laugh since I talked about May in one & September in the next.

Now it is MEA break already. Where does the time go?
As I sit & try to pack too much into next week I have to stop & enjoy now. Now being my first day off of volleyball season for the 9th year in a row. Today we had to extra boys over for a play date, managed to get about 8 loads of bedding & blankets washed/dried, made apple crisp and fed the family a real lunch and supper. Can't say I miss volleyball yet but give me another day or 2.
Conferences with teachers & no school for most of the week are other benchmarks of the month of October. (All those conferences went quite well. Gloria wanted to climb in her locker & stay there she said. She's never been nervous a day in her life!) Who could forget MEA break means duck/goose hunting in North Dakota for the Lemke boys too?! Funny how only the oldest "boy" goes from our family. Lucky girl, Rainy, gets to go for her first hunting trip this year too. North Dakota look out! She's a feisty one!!!

So I will enjoy staying up late tonight trying to solve all of our church's problems and tomorrow probably get a whole lot of nothing done. Then its off to WI for a few days of relaxing I hope. (Now to actually get every kid healthy to enjoy a weekend away.)
Until winter...

I know... where's the pictures?!

The best birthday EVER- we took the kids for a day trip to Duluth for the first time EVER. There was a special fleet of pirate ships that were in port for the weekend. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!

OK, adding the fun we had in Duluth we also had a bonfire on my birthday/our anniversary. Susie & Missy came over with their kids.
What a reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't say how happy I am that Missy is back in the area. Now to see Susie a little more, right (wink, wink).
These 2 special ladies were the ones who wrote whole pages in my 7th grd year book.
I love you girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is one of our 3 beautiful Czech dancers. Tatum & Olivia have a great time entertaining people. They even have a nursing home tour in the works... great job girls!

July 2010 - Movie night at Huber Park in Shakopee with cousin Lauren. Sylvia & Lauren were keeping us & those around us entertained until the movie started. Lauren loves to sing!!!

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