Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Only October?!?!?!

"Ugh" is right. As darn cute as Daren is who knew we'd be bundling everyone up in October already?!?! You can't read the thermometer in the one picture but let me tell you it is ready WAY lower than it should be for this time of year!!! We were at about 27 degrees this morning; not good. Yesterday I scraped a heavy 4 inches of snow off my van to get to fall teacher conferences! Like I told a few people the other day. Spring lasted until August, then summer started as soon as school did. Now fall lasted about 2 weeks & winters here.
Is this what Tim always dreams of when it gets close to North Dakota time?!?!? I like this weather WAY better in his dreams!!!!

I don't know what party bug has bit us these days but we had a Mary Kay spa party & a women's softball party here last week. This week its Sylvia's birthday party & 4H Halloween too! Who doesn't love a good party for a foot massage or hay ride. The bonfire was a chilly one - I stayed in the house... a party with more desserts than food can never be a bad thing!
And how about the sickness looming over our country?!?! This is NUTS!!! I felt silly at teacher conferences not able to remember which kid missed which days of school. Now I know we've all have/had something & run plenty of temps, coughs & now taken stock in the tissue industry! Its only October...

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Mike and Sarah said...

My little Godson is a doll all bundled up! :)