Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seasons' Change

There are plenty of seasons changing...
*9th grade volleyball is all done. JO coaching season starts soon. (yep, that's more volleyball.)
*Halloween costumes are coming out & duck hunting gear will get packed away.
*Sylvia thoroughly enjoyed getting many birthday gifts that she is super thankful for & Daren is unknowingly anxious for turning 1. :) (And he'll be officially crawling in 2 days for sure!)
*The winter sleds are sitting on the grassy hill next to the tree that has the kids' pool wrapped around it after a few windy days.
*Apples are coming off the trees as fast as the leaves.
*Oh dear Lord get us through another laundry switching of the clothing season... Right now there is everything from fleece sweatshirts to bikinis going through the washer & dryer then mounded into a laundry basket awaiting a box if it is a summer clothing item or the winter clothing will hopefully make it into a dresser drawer. Needless to say we are trying to figure out who actually wears what size in the winter season clothing!

I had to post this picture - it is of a quilt we received as a gift.

AMAZING!!! It is like a little story of our beautiful homestead.

The gifts that people share sometimes are so touching & eye opening. Thank you to ANYONE who has ever given us a gift - we still appreciate it to this very day!

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Mike and Sarah said...

I love your laundry prayer! Bikinis and snowsuits in the wash is quite a mix! :)