Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We are blessed!

Last post I said bye bye warm weather. God proved me wrong - I also said if we get any more warm days we are blessed - well November has been perfectly beautiful for a fall month!!! No complaints here! The kids have been venturing out every late afternoon to welcome Owen off the bus then play outside until we make them come in!
The big news of our past couple weeks... DAREN IS TURNING 1! What better way to have a party than have a multitude of special people to celebrate with... Below are all the special birthday kids in our life within a week of each other of course. Tim's godchildren, Kaylee & Grant. Daren concludes the week with his special day - which is tomorrow!!!
Sincerely thank you to all who made our baby's 1st birthday party so special!
A good time was had by all even though we had a couple of flying friends trying to crash the party.
This isn't a great quality picture but too cute not to share. Here are a couple of future BFF's. :)
11 mo. - Daren & Ezra - 1 yr, 2mo

And then to secure a post for the near future - and since our lives aren't completely consumed by Daren... Olivia said something about a solo, a concert & 105 kids in the 6th grade choir... I am not going to miss this one!!! I'll tell ya all about it! What is more exciting than seeing a child be so excited they can barely talk about it?!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! Count all the things you are truly thankful for & share what you can!!!

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