Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Picture

This is kind of a follow up. I had to post a picture from Sylvia's birthday party since she is still talking about it. I can't believe how grown up a 4 year old can look!!! They do grow up too fast!

You all requested it...
No that isn't our kids - it is Winnie the Pooh, the Mighty Red Power Ranger, Hannah Montana, Lil' Pumpkin & Oliver the boy (a.k.a. Tim at age 12).

Ok, whirlwind of what's been going on in our home...
(I don't even think I can slow my thoughts down enough to put them out here.)
Time change - check
Cupboard full of candy - check
Daren's bday next - check
Mom's first day of JO volleyball - check
Super cleaning (even moved furniture) in kids' bedrooms - check *This was manditory before dressing up for Halloween. Worked well! :)
I am sure there is plenty I forgot, but trust me it's getting done.
This is about how I felt after the month of October. Apparently Daren was just as wore out as I am! Yep, he fell asleep sitting up - well at least leaning on the bars of his crib.

My sister Stacey email this picture to us siblings this past week. I can't even put words to it - NOTHING COULD BE MORE FITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 7th will be the 2 year anniversary of my dad's passing away. This picture was taken in about 1989. We all know he is looking down on us just like in the picture. It's like a little reminder/gift from God. (Sylvia is still convinced it is her in the picture & not Stacey. Too funny!)
Don't forget to count your blessings each day!
Speaking of counting blessings...
Daren turned 11 months last Sunday. On Monday he was officially crawling (4 days off on my last blog's estimate). First birthday here we come! He has no interest in standing alone or walking. (Yep, you probably can hear my cheering from where ever you may be!)

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