Wednesday, September 09, 2009

School days, school days. Time for golden rule days...




...Reading & writing & arithmetic. Watch out for the hickory stick.

Does anyone remember that song?!!? My dad used to sing it all the time as we drug ourselves out of bed day after day years ago. Funny how I am now dragging myself & Olivia out of bed. That's right- 6:35 A.M. she's outside waiting for the bus. Owen's bus time is 8:05am. This is such a delicacy these days! Of course we had to have an eventful 1st day - Olivia managed to get on the wrong bus after school - 4 or 10 does the bus # really matter?!?! I watched bus 10 zoom by our house & never came back. Needless to say about 1 1/2 hours later Owen's school called (after calling about every other district building) to let me know Olivia would arrive home with Owen. Since I was at the high school trying to work thru all of this my volleyball team was freaking out way more than I did. Just about the same thing happened when she was a kindergartner except she made it home in a much shorter amount of time~ enough about school!!!

Labor Day weekend was another GORGEOUS WEEKEND!!!!!!!! We nearly froze in the tent Friday night but Saturday & Sunday was not so bad. No ones fingers or toes turned black. :) Just about everyone looked like they had the chicken pox (except Daren) from all the small, tricky, nearly invisible mosquitoes they have up north. Still itchy...

Labor Day can never go by without the McGregor cornfeed!!! It was a mildly off year - The Lemke family only ate about 146 cobs of corn in 5 hours this year which ties last year's number. Tim & Josh tied for the guys at 16 cobs each usually its over 20. I'm not sure where I put it but I blew everyone out of the water in the women's division (again) eating 13 cobs. I am proud of this but keep thinking I must have miscounted?! I know I wasn't that far from Tim in the last hour - he was at 14 & I at 10. I threatened to catch up & thus we both added a few more cobs before it was all over. Man it was fun!!! I even took 2 of the nieces, Syli & Glo to the dance area to polka for a little while.
I love bragging, I mean updating... since it was so beautiful I couldn't wait to go water skiing again - its been about 10 years. Tim claims he has never seen me water ski but his memory deceives him since I know I did once at the cabin. Year after year I watched him get better & better being pulled behind the boat (although he can't do one ski yet) while I sat in the boat with a child in my abdomen. :) This year it was going to be me back there!!! So finally Monday as we ignored the fact it was time to go home I jumped into the freezing cold Lake Minnewawa & slipped on those skis. It was great to be back there - no matter what Tim tells you I loved it! Maria asked if I got to go skiing & all I said is I decided I am getting older. I need to figure out how to use these muscles that are so super sore & get them back into shape before next year.
Have to throw this out there...Dozinky is only a week away!

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Susie said...

Your school day was definetely crazy. All that happened to me is that going home Derek got put on the wrong bus because they thought he needed to go over to Winthrop since we have a Winthrop address, but luckily he said I think this is the wrong bus so they ended up finding his right bus. 3 of the 4 days last week Donovan was late at getting him to the bus. The busdriver informed him of the correct time. 6:42am is too early! My daycare schedule is M,W, and F I have 3 kids and T and Th. I have 6. In Oct. 2 more kids start. A lot less kids but I do work everyday.