Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Fun

First things first - Prayer requests please...
prayer of thanks, the doctor figured out what is wrong with my horribly sleepy brother; Kevin was diagnosed with Lyme disease but handing it quite well. Our niece Genna Lemke (1 month old on the 17th) is being treated for meningitis; she has spent way too much in the hospital for being a month old. God please guide her nurses and doctors; give Jim & Angie the strengths they need each day. Thank you very much for keeping our dear family in your thoughts.
OK, summer fun it is!!! Where did the weekend go?!? Friday night we spent at grandma & grandpa Lemke's. It's been a while & it was very nice to see them again! Needless to say we enjoyed celebrating cousin Lauren's 3rd bday again; who doesn't love having extra dairy queen treats even though you celebrated earlier?! Can't forget to mention the delicious BBQ sandwiches we had for supper from BBQ days in Belle Plaine. Saturday there was Czech dancing practice before packing for camping. We were off to the BBQ days parade & then The Steele's for a party-like-rock-star-volleyball-playing-nuts evening... the kids had fun too since I truly couldn't count how many kids were at their house!!! No giant slip-n-slide this year since the temp was only 65 degrees around 4pm. Bummer. Sunday we visited a little longer with our friends before coming home & essentially wasting an absolutely gorgeous day by watching Parent Trap to catch up with the energy we lost the night before. No question it was nice sitting & watching a movie with the kids. (No one napped of course.) I don't know what will come of it but we ended up in the plot we call a garden for an hour or so. If any veggies grow before November I'll be shocked (although the handful of peas pods I got were pretty good!). Let's see and after the little bit of weed combat we ran to Le Center to cheer on the older 4H kids in the end of the season softball tournament. Supper was a quick stop at the grocery store in town for hot dogs we threw in the microwave along with some watermelon. Time for fireworks!!!!! We settled in nicely to the blanket-city on the Belle Plaine baseball field with the rest of the Lemke group. 10pm sharp the lights went out & NOT KIDDING the best fireworks ever (for a town of about 4000) began. It was SSSOOO cool! And that was a summer fun weekend!!!

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