Monday, July 27, 2009

See- I almost forgot!

It only took 3 weeks for me to forget to post something. Things are kind of a blur right now... is summer really over?!!? There is the looming school supply list calling my name already. Nanny plans are set for starting in only 3 1/2 weeks; then it is school every day! Volleyball season here we come. I wonder how many freshmen girls will take on the great sport of volleyball this fall?

So we spent the weekend running to Montgomery & back. (Kolacky days & I didn't even have a kolacky?! Not right!) It sure is fun to dress up to show off the Czech culture. The girls did a great job dancing. There are so many people that appreciate what they do (especially mom & their dance teachers)!

I can't forget about the fun 4H meeting we had too... Sunday about 4pm almost the whole 4H group took over the state biking trail in Waterville. 6 miles to Elysian & 6 miles back... we had our monthly meeting at a rest stop in Elysian to take a nice little break. The kids would probably say the ice cream shop was the best part. There was 5 adults & 12 kids that went 12 miles; it was so fun. We used to bike a decent amount (when there was like 1 kid instead of 5) so it was just like old times again.

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